The Sites

The compass points show the way to the sites of the vineyards. The Weinviertel red wine island of Jetzelsdorf-Haugsdorf is rich in light, warmth and fertile loam soil. Here the exceptional red wines flourish on the slopes of the Schatzberg and the Riede Bergsatz. White wines, which prefer a distinctive heavy clay and gravel soil and primary rock, ripen best on the Haidberg, Diermannsee/Kellerselektion and Parapluiberg sites.

Sites Soil Types
Schatzberg Sand and loam
Haidberg Heavy clay soil
Diermannsee/Kellerselektion clay, marl clay,
heavy clay/brick clay
Bergsatz Heavy clay and loam soil
Parapluiberg Weathered primary rock
with a layer of loam