Culinary Package

Pleasure seekers, who enjoy that fine balance between the nature and the particular atmosphere of the vintner, feel themselves uplifted in the perfect harmony found here. Immerse yourself in the special atmosphere of this landscape and the creative energy one can sense everywhere here at the winery. It makes for the perfect time-out on the vineyard. Relax in one of the four lovingly designed rooms available, which have been designed together with local well-known artists, and enjoy a last drop of excellent wine in the Genießer-Suite before retiring at the end of the day.

The Inspector Simon POLT Discovery Package

Kellergasse Haugsdorf

Crime fiction on the trail of an Austrian investigator who lends the verdict of truth – which lies in the wine – a very special, and sometimes quite surprising, meaning. You delve into the original scene for the novels, and the famous filming with Erwin Steinhauer. Fittingly, you discover more about Alfred Komarek´s books.

Arrival and tour with own vehicle. Duration approx. 2½ hrs. For groups of 7 persons or more. We are happy to arrange a tour time of your convenience.

Price per person € 25,- incl. wine tasting, Polt-snack and a gift.

Bookings through until November 2019
registration required

Dates 2019Notice
Sa 13. April 2019at 10:30 h
Sa 11. May 2019at 10:30 h
Sa 29. June 2019at 10:30 h
Sa 17. August 2019at 10:30 h
Sa 21. September 2019at 10:30 h
Sa 16. November 2019at 10:30 h

Booking by calling Fr. Gisela Bauer:+43 (0) 2944-2565

Picnic on the Königstiger Pasture on the Schatzberg Hill Culinary Package

Picknick at Königstiger Pasture

Everything revolves around the Schatzberg hill and the Königstiger Pasture. You take a leisurely walk – with a map too – through the vineyards until you reach our wine cellar the Kellerstöckl.

There, a luxury packed picnic basket awaits you, together with a magnificent view over the undulating wine country, stretching, in clear weather, to the Schneeberg Mountain in the south.

Price for two person: € 49,-
Price for family (2 adult & 2 children): € 69,-

Bookings through until November 2019
Booking by calling Fr. Gisela Bauer:+43 (0) 2944-2565

Weinleutgeben - Wine tasting Culinary Package


Weinleutgeben is a very old Weinviertel custom which originates from the high Baroque period. It means not only tasting excellent wines, but also sampling some of the regional specialities fresh from the kitchen. From May to October we invite you on three special weekends to join us in keeping this Weinviertel tradition alive.

Termine 2019Notice
Sa 25. May 201914.00 - 18.00 h
Sa 29. June 201914.00 - 18.00 h
Sa 27. July 201914.00 - 18.00 h
Sa 31. August 201914.00 - 18.00 h
Sa 28. September 201914.00 - 18.00 h
Sa 26. October 201914.00 - 18.00 h
Sa 23. November 201914.00 - 18.00 h

And this is what the law said about Weinleutgeben at that time. In the so-called police order from 1674 the unlicensed serving of drinks – the Weinleutgeben – was regulated:

So that there should be no more than three hands serving in any one lane or any one locality at the same time, and the price amongst them should not differ.
  1. With regards to the person practising the unlicensed serving of drinks, only those with their own vineyard is allowed to do this.
  2. They must do the sales and servicing themselves.


  3. They must seek permission to do so from the town councillor, which will be granted free of charge.


  4. the mornings of working days to open from 9.00, and on Sundays and holidays not before 11.00. Winter nights, however, only to stay open until 21.00, and in summer until 22.00.


  5. no gaming is allowed.


  6. To serve the guests no food other than bread, cheese and radish.

Taken from the article Winegrowing in Falkenstein by Martin Bauer, in Markus Holzweber – Josef Prinz – Willibald Rosner (Hg), Falkenstein: Its History, Its People, Its Societies, Market Town Falkenstein 2009, ISBN 9783850284844

With registration up to 10 persons possible, after 16:00 h.
Price per person € 18,-

Booking by calling Fr. Gisela Bauer:+43 (0) 2944-2565